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Written By jhonny on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 12:52 PM

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  • thirdworldman
    03-11 03:25 PM
    By "light linking" do you mean associating lights with specific objects?

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  • tooclose
    07-13 10:20 AM
    you seem to be right - the doc does say that ! - you made my day - MORE SOUP FOR YOU !

    Great ! Now atleast my application has a slim chance of getting in.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    12-21 08:12 PM
    Please somebody answer my question...

    My friend working in company A on L1...he has approved H1 also...if he needs to move from L1 to H1, does he needs to go out of country and get it stamped before he starts working on H1?

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  • monkeyman
    09-27 10:28 AM
    I have worked in France and Belgium for a little over an year and this is my personal experience - the work environment at that time 2000 - 01 was alright. However, I had to struggle with language barriers and worse of all - the keyboard barriers. The standards in IT industry were very very different and though it was an experience, the learning curve was huge. Personally, I would much rather prefer to be in US or better still in UAE I'd think.

    Next, I have been reading a lot about reverse brain drain - where families were going back home. I also heard about some site about return2India.com. And my brother took the step after pondering over it for an year - he had it all - GC, a family here, job at you know where in Seattle - and his experience has been an enlightment - he is now struggling with work life ratio - he spends most of the day/night at work and he has to pay bills at the bank and he has no clue what is going on at the school and somehow, his team in India thinks he is a smartass because he tries to apply certain standards (which ofcourse is normal here) and he speaks with an accent. And yes, if you studied here and lived for 10 years, you too will have the accent. But, he says he is very satisfied and happy to be there.And then he says, the pay scale is sufficient for him and his family to lead the Indian dream. We should have some way of commuicating with such expatriates too!!!


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  • desi3933
    07-09 04:42 PM
    Certainty is related to belief not reality. It still means the name check was not completed. The law does not say they "when you are certain that the FBI name check can be cleared..please allot a visa."

    Would you mind quoting the actual law then?

    Does every I-485 need FBI approval or just background check? How do you know that it needs FBI Name Check for all cases. Quote the law please.

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  • kittu1991
    03-17 01:56 PM

    Just commented on it since he has nothing better to do.


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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    09-26 10:32 AM
    Dear Editor,

    Good Morning.
    I would like to bring a mistake in this article to your attention. My wife and myself( along with my father who is visiting US) marched to Capitol Hill to improve the efficiency in Green Card processing by fixing administrative delays and increasing per-country quota. But not for increase in H1-B visas.

    Please update this column with the correct information.


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  • logiclife
    01-31 02:05 PM
    If one gets an H-1B approval now (Jan/Feb), can he start working right away? Or does he have to wait till the start of fiscal year, October?

    The H1 approval will have the validity dates that begin on Oct 1 2007, which means that she cannot work before that.


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  • feedfront
    09-20 01:45 PM
    No, I've not heard anything from attorney's office.

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  • walking_dude
    10-29 11:40 AM
    Only 67 members so far? I was thinking there would be hundreds of FOIA requests by members, if not in thousands, given all the tracking activity/VB predictions that happen here (and else where too). Now that finally we have a way of accurately predicting PD movement in Visa bulletins and make more accurate prediction of approval than possible through any tracker ( all of them limited to insignificant percentages of the total population to make accurate predictions), just by sending a simple letter; I am baffled by the lukewarm response by a community that's otherwise relentlessly peristent in the tracking/predictions activity.

    Having too much fun in those vodoo activities, are we? Welcome to the real world. FOIA is our chance to get the answer we all have been seeking. Will you pop the Red Pill? or continue dreaming in the unreal World of tracking and VB predictions?


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  • mbawa2574
    02-17 08:51 AM
    don't worry my friend.. it's not u.. that dummy has been using this fascist style of discussion on all threads
    just ignore him.. it infuriates him like hell.. u'll be amused with his later responses :)

    Supporting racism and calling me dummy. you planted b* Go and take a$$ out of here , you don't belong here. You have come out of a gutter to this country and gutter is the only place you deserve.

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  • pd_recapturing
    12-10 03:49 PM
    Do some population control in India and China, that would automatically fix the issue of retrogression. We are simply too many and we have clogged the system real bad. every 6th person on the face of this earth is Indian.
    you hit the nail ... this is the biggest reason ...We are just too many and everyone wants to come to US


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  • Green4Ev1
    05-26 05:05 PM
    I wonder what are the required documents for America born citizens if they don't have passports. Just a driver license? or they have to carry birth certificates always?

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  • swo
    08-15 08:14 PM
    It's very easy to forget that PDs can swing by YEARS at a time. (4 years in the case of the July Bulletin!) Things could easily swing back a year or two in only a month or two.

    You can predict to your hearts content but I wouldn't get too hinged on those predictions.

    Fact is that we were expecting Us and many were NOT Us. Similarly, PDs in October could be brought forward if there are insuffient applications ready for visas in some categories (ie ROW) in October.

    Also remember that the number of newly filed EB applicaitons will be far, FAR less in coming months. Only PERM labors are done now and those will all have late PDs that will be ineligible for a long time. As a result, I think bulletins will start to become more consistent as the predictions of become more reliable after a couple of months of volatility in October.

    The only real unknown after getting all the 485 data entry done is going to be the FBI namecheck factor.


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  • desi3933
    02-09 03:14 PM
    And reply you will never get.

    141,020 visa numbers used in FY2009

    Look at the last page.

    The worldwide level for annual employment-based preference immigrants is 140,000. So the usage was actually more.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • paskal
    01-28 01:44 PM

    thanks for reading and thanks for keeping the tone- even the complaints- civil. i did not intend to offend, if i did you have my apology.
    i'm serious about joining your state chapter, a lot of oncoming action including contact and phone and webfax will be coordinated through the chapters.
    please consider it. thanks again!


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  • immigrant2007
    08-12 08:10 AM

    I have thought of one more idea..

    We know very well that by current interpretation EB3 is permanently fixed to the back of the line. NO EB3 will get processed until the last EB2 who files in the year 2013 gets approved, (counting out the regular quota).

    And why are we here? Many believe (or know) that it is because of the 245(i) amnesty signed by Clinton and Bush.

    Isn't it ironic that the illegals that were put in the line are not being moved back as the line expands? Why only we legals? Maybe there is some scope to challenge the 245(i) visa number allocation and point out that legal immigrants are waiting in line then how can you admit illegals in front

    Anyone having the facts and numbers of 245(i)?

    I have asked this question over and over again but Iv doesn't seem to entertain it. IV number crunchers are busy developing and applying patent for a sofware on GC estimation.
    245(i) consumed EB3 worldwide quota and is responsilbe to backlog along with deliberate delay by USCIs.
    But thas history now, what do we do in future matter more...I think If economy doesn't improves EB3s are infor a big shock.
    Post election if Republicans win then they will do their best to deny GCs to all backlog guys so that they can enjoy thier loot (Social secuirty,foreclosed homes)...

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  • Macaca
    09-26 11:46 AM
    I just got a call from Eilene Zimmerman regarding the article and she promised me that she is working on fixing the error soon
    The article is actually very well-written for H1B issues. Ask her to write a similar article about EB GC issues!

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  • nousername
    01-30 01:11 PM
    Sorry to hear about your situation... I seriously hope and pray that your RFE is for a small issue like birth certificate or marriage document..

    Good luck and keep us posted on the matter.

    God Bless.

    07-14 06:54 PM
    So whether you receive RFE, NOID depends on adjudicator instead of USCIS rules.
    Yes. However, on the flip side, if the 140 withdrawel letter was dated within 180 days of 485 pending, your 485 will be denied no matter what RFE or NOID. Few good adjudicaters may send RFE in stead of NOID/direct denial.

    03-07 09:45 AM
    you are lucky man.....what you say makes sense.......but here is the reality.......

    GC process is 3 step process and the lawyer is representing you (485 stage) as well as the employer (labor and 140 stage)........So, if you leave the employer, most lawyers will refuse to continue to represent you unless they authorized in written by the employer....it is a conflict of interest for them.......hence, I think I will go to some other lawyer for AC 21......and thats why the money.....

    It is bit shocking to know that one will have to pay for just AC21 notification. I mean, if you already have lawyer associated with your GC file, which I believe, most of us should have either appointed by our employer OR hired by ourselves (Many companies give a choice to hire "your own" lawyer). I understand that since one change the employment, the general criteria is to assume that the lawyer (If paticularly appointed by past employer) is now no more attached to the case. But in truth it is not. Fulfilling AC21 notification is part of the whole end to end package since case remains same unless you notify USCIS to change your attorney. In my case I was given a choice to hire "My Own lawyer" and once I started to work on EAD, virtually now he is my lawyer not "my employer's lawyer" and hence he will be sending AC21 related paperwork to USCIS though he told me that he would not do it right now as he is busy with H1 filing load. And yes no extra cost involved..

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